The Flint Police Department is cracking down on illegal parking lot parties and racing around the city of Flint.

We knew this was coming, but as of late the parties have been leading towards problems and the FPD is snatching up and impounding vehicles left and right.  So far 15 vehicles have been impounded from reckless driving and parking lot parties. Dang, 15 vehicles? I know the city is making some good money right now. 

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The Flint Police Department says they saw progress in their efforts to crack down on reckless driving and parking lot parties on Clio Road.


Flint Police Sgt. Tyrone Booth said five people were arrested, 15 cars were impounded and one firearm was confiscated.

This is a big effort coming from the Flint Police Department and I salute their efforts. Honestly, a lot of the illegal parking lot parties could be solved by just doing the proper paperwork. You'll be surprised at what events you can throw in the city of Flint if you just ask for help. There isn't a question you CAN'T get answered by visiting Flint's City Hall. They actually encourage safe, and fun events for the city. If only people took the time to just follow the rules we wouldn't have this problem.

And as for reckless driving, you deserve to get your car impounded bro. I'm sorry, but if your spinning tires and you lose control of that vehicle down one of these residential streets you could cause some serious damage or kill someone. This tends to happen a lot around here. So I don't really have any sympathy for you...

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