Not only did he help her pump the gas, but he put in some of his own money, too.

Delores Marotta, who is 75-years-old, has been having trouble paying her bills since her husband died three years ago.

She was at a Detroit gas station on August 31st and only had $3 to fill up her tank - she needed just enough gas to get her to and from a doctor appointment. St. Clair Shores police officer Todd Bing was in line behind her and saw her counting out her change...and asked if he could help. He told her to wait in the car while he pumped gas for her.

He pumped more than $3 - he pumped $20. The gas station owner saw what he was doing and took a picture and posted it on social media as something "more positive." His post has been shared 21,000 times.

He started getting messages about how to help Marotta, so he started a GoFundMe for her. It's already exceeded its goal of $5,000.

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