Dremoney Rose is only 7, but he's known he wanted to be a Police Officer for a while now. Thanks to Make-A-Wish, and the Hastings PD he was able to wear the badge.

Dre is one tough kid and has everything someone would need to be a great police officer. He decided he wanted to be a police officer after an incident a few years ago, which made him decide that he needed to protect his mom.

Dre was only 5 when he was diagnosed with stage 2 lymphoma, a cancer that caused Dre to develop a large mass on his neck. His mom told WOOD-TV that Dre underwent chemotherapy, and has been in remission for a full year.

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The type of cancer that Dre had is fairly unusual for kids, so his family is cautiously optimistic that they have seen the last of it. Dre's mom decided that since there are no sure things when it comes to childhood cancer, that she would try to make Dre's dream of becoming a police officer true.

That's how Dre became the youngest member of the Hastings Police Department.

Dre was thrilled to learn that he wouldn't be just playing dress-up, he would actually be doing the job with the Hastings PD.

The day started with Dre heading to the locker room to get his new uniform with the rest of the officers.

Hastings pd via Facebook

Becoming a police officer is no joke, so Dre had to get sworn in before he could hit the road.

Hastings pd via Facebook

After Dre was all sworn in and official, it was time to hit the streets. Dre is a little young to be driving, but he did get to write someone a ticket . . . even if it was another Hastings officer.

Hastings pd via YouTube

Dre spent the day living out his dream of becoming a police officer, and we are all sending positive vibes that one-day Dre will grow up to be a police officer for real.

Stories like this are what we all need right now. Instead of arguing with each other constantly online, we need to take a lesson from the Hastings PD. It doesn't take much for a group of people to come together and make someone else's day.

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