Some people think that he should be given a second chance.

Ronald Alexander, the former principal of Spain Elementary School in Detroit who admitted to taking bribes and cheating kids out of school supplies (and also went on Ellen and accepted money) is expected to be sentenced next month by a federal judge. But some people apparently want him to be back at the school, doing his job.

The Spain School Parental Association has written a letter to the judge, saying that "it feels like a death has happened. The staff, students, community miss our father dearly. The students daily say, 'We want our principal back.' He does not deserve this at all. He should be vindicated and placed back where he belongs — in the community of Spain School."

They also call him "our hero" and say that he has "godly principles." Meanwhile, Alexander is claiming that he shouldn't go to prison because his elderly mother relies on him.

Excuse me while I yawn and shake my head. So, because he's religious and has asked for forgiveness, we should just give him a pass? I wonder how his mother feels about all of this.