Ronald Alexander, along with 11 other DPS principals, have been charged with stealing over $1 million in a kickback scheme. 

Guess we can boot this story from The Good News, huh? Yesterday, U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade brought bribery charges against several current and former Detroit Public School principals. The charges state that they would take bribes while a company that supposed to provide school supplies was submitting fraudulent invoices.

The charges allege that Norman Shy from Allstate Supplies received $5 million in payments, $2.7 million of which was fraudulent. McQuade said that Shy paid $900,000 in bribes to the school officials. He did this for 13 years.

Those charged are as follows:

  • Ronald Alexander, principal of Spain Elementary
  • Beverly Campbell, a former principal at both Rosa Parks School and Greenfield Union Elementary-Middle School
  • Gerlma Johnson, former principal at Charles Drew Academy, former principal at Earhart Elementary-Middle School and current principal of Marquette-Elementary Middle School
  • James Hearn, principal at Marcus Garvey Academy
  • Tanya Bowman, former principal at Osborn Collegiate Academy of Math, Science and Technology
  • Josette Buendia, principal at Bennett Elementary School
  • Ronnie Sims, former principal at Fleming Elementary and Brenda Scott Middle School
  • Willye Pearsall, former principal at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School
  • Tia’ Von  Moore-Patton, principal of Jerry White Center High School
  • Clara Smith,principal at Thirkell Elementary-Middle School
  • Nina Graves-Hicks,former principal of Davis Aerospace Technical High School

Needless to say, this does NOT bode well for the already struggling Detroit Public Schools. Unbelievable. It really feels like you can't trust anybody with anything anymore.