Long before the Weather Channel, back in 1956, Flint had its own unique way of predicting the weather. And now, a local clothing shop in Flint is helping us celebrate the iconic Weather Ball with a commemorative t-shirt.

The Weather Ball began predicting the weather long before Erik, Chris, and J.R. began their meteorology careers here in the area, and because doubting TV forecasters' accuracies can be a popular pastime, some folks – especially those of a certain generation – see the giant Flint landmark as a more accurate prognosticator.

Weather Ball Commemorative T-Shirts Come in Three Colors

If you remember the poem that accompanied the iconic Flint Weather Ball, you know what this shirt predicts, right?

Red Weather Ball T-Shirt
Flint City T-Shirts

Since 1956, a red Weather Ball high above Saginaw Street in downtown Flint has indicated that warmer temperatures are coming.

When the weather ball is red, warmer temperatures ahead.

When the weather ball is blue, colder temperatures are due.

When yellow light is the color of the weather ball, there will be no change at all.

When it blinks in agitation, there will be precipitation.

And if you're a fan of colder weather, there's a t-shirt for you.

Blue Weather Ball T-Shirt
Flint City T-Shirts

And of course, Flint City T-Shirts' collection of Weather Ball commemorative shirts wouldn't be complete without a shirt to indicate that there's no change in the weather predicted.

Yellow Weather Ball T-Shirt
Flint City T-Shirts

The entire collection of shirts is available on the Flint retailer's website, starting at $20.

The most-recognizable ball in the sky (aside from the sun) celebrated its 66th birthday last October. The letters 'CB' (for Citizen's Bank) were displayed until 2013 when Citizen's Bank was purchased by First Merit Bank, who changed the letters to 'FM.'

The Weather Ball got a facelift once again in 2016 when it was purchased by Huntington Bank corporation, changing the accompanying letters to 'HB.'

If you're a fan of the Weather Ball, or if you just want to celebrate a piece of Flint history, now you can carry a little piece of it with you.

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