Welp, if we were looking for good press for Flint, we wouldn't find it on this show...

Nope, it's not an episode of Catfish - Nev Schulman has a new show on MTV called Suspect. Basically, people contact him and his co-host iO about friends or loved ones that they have concerns/suspicions about, which are then investigated on the show.

I've watched a few episodes, and I like it. AJ isn't a fan, but it's trash TV for me. However, this current episode is ruffling my feathers a bit. We've lived here for almost two years and we've never seen anything like this. That's not to say that prostitution doesn't exist in Flint; I'm sure that it does. And just like everything else, it's a problem that needs a solution. But our city definitely doesn't need to negative publicity right now, no?

The episode aired last night; it's on my DVR at home. I'll give it a look-see.

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