Three teenagers in West Michigan are being investigated after creating an online profile in order to lure a teacher to send explicit photos and videos which they then distributed to his students.

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What Are the Details?

The Van Buren County Sheriff's office says the three teenagers created a dating profile, pretending to be a 35-year-old woman. They used a photo they found on the Internet and then targeted a male teacher in the Gobles Public School district. Gobles is about 20 miles northwest of Kalamazoo on Michigan's west side.

The high school teacher then sent sexually explicit pictures and videos to the profile.

Authorities tell WOOD-TV that the three teens who are all between 14 and 15 years old do not attend the school where the teacher works, but they distributed some of the explicit material to his students.

Teens Attempted Blackmail

Van Buren County Sheriff's Captain Jim Charon tells the TV station that two of the students had been students of the teacher when he taught driver's education.

“There was some reference that two students were trying to blackmail their driver’s ed teacher," Charon said. "They didn’t carry through on any of those acts, so they didn’t technically blackmail him.”


Teacher Cleared of Any Wrongdoing

The sheriff's office says the teacher had no idea he was interacting with children and has not been accused of doing anything wrong.

“He was doing something he thought was between consenting adults. All of a sudden, now, this guy is basically all over the news for something that he thought was doing something in private with another consenting adult,” Charon said.

Charges Against the Teens to be Determined

The sheriff's office says the teens and their families are cooperating with authorities. The Van Buren County Prosecutor's office is currently waiting for the investigation to be completed before decided what charges to make against the teens.

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