August 1, 1981 MTV Debuts
On this day in 1981, MTV debuted.  At the time, they played music videos.  The first video they played was by the Buggles (remember them?) "Video Killed the Radio Star."
MTV VMA’s Worst Dressed
Artists are usually known to show up in some poor choices of fashion for the MTV Video Music Awards. Usually you wonder why on earth they would pick some of the outfits to wear but they continue to make bad choices. I have picked out some red carpet arrivals, performances and acceptance speeches to …
MTV Turned 30 Today – Their First 10 Videos
In honor of MTV turning 30 today, we decided to show you what they used to play -- music videos. Over the many years of being on the air, MTV has re-invented itself with game shows, sitcoms, drama and reality shows. If you were part of the MTV generation, you may remember that they started with musi…

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