This year's Motor City Comic Con in Novi will require all staff, exhibitors and attendees to wear a mask.

Normally when people attend the Motor City Comic Con, they show up wearing some form of a mask anyway because it's part of their costume. This year they'll be wearing a mask for an entirely different reason.

At this year's event, everyone 6 and older will be required to wear a mask. Organizers say no medical exemptions will be allowed. If you can't or refuse to wear a mask for whatever reason, you should probably sit out this year's event.

According to Mlive, there are a couple of exceptions when it comes to wearing a mask. Attendees can temporarily remove their masks for celebrity photo ops. They can also do so at the celebrity and comic guest booths when plexiglass shields are used.

Motor City Comic Con:

While we understand not everyone will agree with the following protocols, we ask that you respect and understand our position to keep everyone safe. We’ve worked harder than ever to bring you a great show this year and we hope you’re as excited as we are, despite some challenges and minor inconveniences.

I'm sure attendees that have a costume that involves face paint are not going to be happy about the mask mandate. I mean who wants to spend hours putting on their costume make-up only to have to wear a mask? However, if you're wearing a stormtrooper helmet, you won't be required to wear a mask over your mask. So, at least there's that.

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When and where is the Motor City Comic Con?

The 32nd annual Motor City Comic Con will take place at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi on October 15, 16, and 17.

Tickets for Motor City Comic Con:

  • Friday Adult Pass - $30 (Kids 6-12 - $10)
  • Saturday Adult Pass - $40 (Kids 6-12 - $10)
  • Sunday Adult Pass - $35 (Kids 6-12 - FREE)
  • Weekend Adult Pass - $85 (Kids 6-12 - $20)
  • VIP Fan Pass - $249
  • Kids 5 and under - Free

Vaccinations will not be required to get into Motor City Comic Con and proof of vaccination status will not be requested.

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