* * UPDATE * * November 14, 2022

Since this story was published, the West Michigan family's cat has been safely returned. The 24-year-old Amazon driver from Grand Rapids could be facing charges for allegedly stealing the family's kitten.


A family in West Michigan says their kitten went missing and they believe an Amazon driver is the cat-stealing culprit.

This bizarre and unfortunate incident happened in Fruitport, 15 minutes outside Grand Haven, Michigan on the west side of the state.

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Gabrielle Miller says her children noticed that their 10-week-old kitten named Shadow was missing on Monday (11/7). The kids were in despair and the family did an extensive search throughout the property but to no avail. It seemed to be a case of "kit-napping."

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Security System Tells the Tale

Miller tells WZZM-TV that her husband started going over security camera footage that evening.

"He came back in and he said, 'You're not going to believe this - I'm not sure what happened - but you can see the cat was right there next to the Amazon driver and when they left it's nowhere in the driveway.'"

In the footage that Miller shares, it appears that the kitten is next to the truck while it's in the driveway but then gone after the driver pulled out of the couple's yard.

Reaching out to Amazon

Miller says she's contacted Amazon's customer support, but had a hard time getting them to understand that she wasn't inquiring about a missing package.

After a few days of frustration, Miller notes that Amazon has finally acknowledged the problem, but only after being contacted by the Grand Rapids TV station.

"I guess I'm just more concerned that if you're willing to take someone's kitten, what is the driver going to do next?"

The mega-retailer has opened an investigation into the incident. Miller says she just wants her kids to be able to get their kitten back. One can only hope that charges are pressed for this!

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