He's played on the sidelines for the last three years...until now.

Aaron VanKempen lives in Sparta, Michigan. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of one; he had a life-changing surgery in 2007 and was walking on his own by 2013.

However, playing in his high school marching band was still too difficult for him - too much standing and walking would wear him out.

He's a senior now and his self-admitted stubbornness has finally paid off. He's been standing for rehearsals, sometimes for three hours at a time. His band director has had to MAKE him sit down. But he wants to do it, so he did.

“You get teary eyed. Like I am now. ...it’s pretty special. Because everyone told us he wouldn’t be able to do it. So it’s pretty neat to see him do it,” his mom told Fox 17.

Amazing. We're teary-eyed.

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