Parents across Michigan are circulating a petition in favor of allowing high school bands to perform this fall.

As the confusion and restrictions continue throughout Michigan in 2020, band parents are making a push to allow for marching bands to perform this fall. Under the current executive orders from Governor Gretchen Whitmer, high school sports are now allowed, but marching bands and dance teams are not. Thousands of signatures have already been collected on a petition aiming to change that.

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The petition, MHSAA: Let the Bands & Dance Teams Perform, has already collected over 10,500 signatures as of this morning with a goal of 15,000 signatures. It points out that under Executive Order-176 the Michigan High School Athletic Association has reinstated fall sports and also allowed cheerleaders to cheer at the games...

This leaves out other kids who have worked so hard to follow the rules in their practices such as Band kids and Dance teams/Pom squads. These kids deserve to have their time as well and if anyone can do it safely and social distance its these kids. They could wait outside the gates till halftime and when the football teams go into the locker room they could enter, perform then leave...the petition states.

As a marching band alumnus, I agree with the petition and even signed it myself. These kids put a lot of time and effort into their instruments and productions. The excitement of being on the field and performing for a couple of thousand people is what they look forward to and work so hard for. It is sad to think of how the seniors feel knowing that they may never be able to perform at a game again. I saw what it did to the seniors at the end of the last school year and I hope it doesn't happen to more.



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