Talk about ultimate teamwork. Two Michigan high schools are showing how to make the best of a bad situation, and do it together.

Maple City Glen Lake High School in northern Michigan has a football team, but no marching band for halftime entertainment. Forest Area, near Traverse City, has a great marching band, but lost its football season a few weeks ago due to a lack of players. See where this is going yet?

Maple City Glen Lake invited the marching band to perform at their home football game this past Friday night turning the situation into a win-win for both schools. Glen Lake athletic director Mark Mattson said,  "There's nothing like having a band 'rocking out' with our fans."  Forest Area senior Ashley Peckat says she "absolutely flipped", adding "It was important to take the field in Leelanau County and show people what we can do."

The band played the National Anthem before the game then they took center stage for the big halftime show, “Out of This World."

It's amazing when two sides can pull together to help each other and have such a positive and wonderful outcome. Kudos to both high schools for really working as a team.


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