He's old enough to buy beer, but what got James Nash, a.k.a. Javier Jones (his alias) in trouble was that he was posing as a high school student-athlete.  Nash enrolled at Mt. Pleasant High School in September after moving to the area from Lansing.  He enrolled under the name Javier Jones and played in four games with the varsity football team.

He had planned on playing basketball this winter, until a tip from a concerned parent got school officials to check into Jones/Nash's documentation.

Michigan High School Athletic Association rules state that participants cannot be 19 years old or older prior to September of that school year to be eligible.

The team will probably have to forfeit the two games that they won with him in the lineup.

Mt. Pleasant Police are investigating the matter, and Nash/Jones could find himself in some hot water for falsifying records and perhaps other offenses.

He was literally a man amongst boys, but only got to play in four games?  I guess that's one way to stay under the radar.

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