That's an interesting weapon of choice.

A criminal broke into The Game Store in Owosso in the middle of the night on Monday, August 5th, by smashing a window pane with...a machete.

Because of the haphazard method in which the man broke in, the suspect left a blood trail which police were able to get a good sample from. They also took about $250 worth of Magic: The Gathering cards.

One of the owners, Damian Meszko, had this to say to the thief:

“Mr. Crook, if you are listening, if you want to bring that duffel bag on up with all the goods in it that you took, come on up, return it to me. I’ll call the police department and let them know we got it all resolved and we’re going to discuss how we’re going to get that window fixed.”

Kudos to the staff at the store for taking it in stride.

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