Kinda jealous that we didn't think of this.

Let's be honest - it's been a boooooring six months. No vacations, no concerts, no movies, literally nothing. We've been keeping ourselves busy with TV, others have been cleaning and organizing, and some have been...playing Uno. Lots and lots of Uno.

Livonia residents Florence and Mike Nagy agreed when the pandemic started that they would play as many games of the popular card game Uno as they could. They started playing everyday at 3 PM. On September 8th, they played their 1000th game.

Florence told the Detroit Free Press that "it's just kind of a way to fill the day. We play almost every day at 3 p.m. On the other days that we don't play, we FaceTime with our daughter and our son-in-law and our grandson who live in Ohio. We haven't been able to see them ... and we play Yahtzee over FaceTime."

In case you're wondering, Florence's score of 545 beats out Mike's score of 455. Mike said that he's not a huge fan of playing games; Florence likes to read, which takes her attention away often. By playing Uno every day, they've gotten to spend a lot of time together.

The couple has been married for 55 years and celebrated their anniversary on September 19th. We feel like this is their way of giving marriage advice to all of us newbies (we're at 11 years but, let's be honest, we're newbs compared to them) - find a way to spend time together, even if you don't love the activity.

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