The pandemic left many in Michigan feeling isolated, alone, and frustrated, and according to a new study flat out horny.

Michigan once again stuck to the thought process of "Go big or go home", and took the top spot for being "worked up" during the chaotic quarantine. According to MLive, a study done by the adult merchandise website Pink Cherry about the pandemic  showed people took to Twitter to air their sexual frustrations, and Michigan lead the pack.

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The study took a look at 2 million "geotagged" tweets from the past nine months and discovered that Michigan had sex on the mind more than any other state in the country. You go Michiganders!  Just for a quick crash course, "geotagging" means adding geographical information to social media posts.
According to MLive, the study consisted of taking a look at the Tweets, hashtags, and keyword phrases about sex and wanting sex like “I need sex and “I want sex,” that were being used at that time and where they were originating.

Although the study showed some high volume of tweets on the west coast and even out east, it was Michigan that stood out loud and proud at the top. The top ten looked like this:

Those 10 states talking about sex during the pandemic:

1. Michigan

2. Nevada

3. New Mexico

4. Georgia

5. Texas

6. Illinois

7. California

8. Washington

9. South Carolina

10. New York

With a estimated 340 million Twitter users worldwide, and 500 million tweets sent a day, it's good to know that Michigan residents are quick to concentrate on the those important subject. Gotta love where ya live. Here's to keeping it real Michigan.

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