1940s Movie Innuendos More Discrete Than Current Movies
We all know that today's movie and TV programs are fairly straight forward when talking about sex -- a bit more than most would like actually. It wasn't until the last 10 years or so that programming became more open when referring to sex. This clip from the 40s shows a bit more creative w…
Irish Woman Dies after Having Sex with Dog [NSFW]
If you have a weak stomach, or are easily offended, you may not want to continue reading. If you're still with me, prepare yourself. A 43-year-old woman in Ireland died from a severe allergic reaction she suffered after having sexual intercourse with a dog.
Sex Can Lead to Death, Says Study
A new study has confirmed what doctors have long suspected: A sudden burst of moderate to intense activity, in particular sex, greatly increases your risk of suffering a deadly cardiac event.
Researchers from Tufts University compiled data from 14 studies which explored the link between sex and hear…