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Since the start of the pandemic, we've been told that we must quarantine for at least 14 days for possible COVID-19 infections. It looks like that is no longer the case. Well, we still have to quarantine ourselves but for not as long.

Earlier this week the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services updated the coronavirus quarantine guidelines for the state. Now it's said that we only have to quarantine for 10 days after possible exposure to the virus.

According to ABC12, data shows that 99% of all COVID-19 illnesses begin within 10 days of exposure, so state health officials have reduced Michigan’s quarantine guideline to 10 days after close exposure to a confirmed case of coronavirus. Patients should continue monitoring for symptoms for four additional days, however.

You can be released from quarantine after 10 days if you no longer have symptoms or if there's no clinical evidence of COVID. It's also being recommended that you monitor yourself for an additional four days.

Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, chief medical executive and chief deputy for health:

We are basing this recommendation on scientific data from CDC and offering the opportunity to reduce the quarantine period to 10 days in certain circumstances. Public health officials can still require the 14-day period, as this option most greatly mitigates the possibility of transmission.

Well, 10 days is better than four I guess.

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