Another large quarantine has hit a public school system in the area.

Over 100 students and staff from New Lothrop Area Public Schools are now in quarantine. The school was notified over the weekend and into Monday regarding four students who tested positive for COVID-19. Those four students were from the junior high and high school.

We were notified yesterday evening, February 21st and this afternoon, February 22nd , that four students in our Jr./Sr. High School have tested positive for COVID-19. We are responsible for notifying students and parents of an exposure. You have been notified today by one of our Jr./Sr. High School Staff. Furthermore, the Shiawassee County Health Department will follow-up regarding your student’s "close contact". If your student does not qualify as a close contact, you will not be notified by the school or Shiawassee County Health Department...per a letter from New Lothrop Area Public Schools

As a result of the positive tests, the seventh through twelfth grade students will be doing virtual learning until Monday, March 1st. Also, according to school officials, no extra-curricular activities, including practices and events for athletics through March 1st.

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This is the first quarantine for New Lothrop since January 19th where one student was isolated and 10 students were quarantined. Since November 9th, there have been only 10 probable or confirmed cases in the district for PK through twelfth grade.

Hopefully as time goes on we will see fewer and fewer cases of quarantine and school shutdowns. I really hope that kids will be able to get back to school full time as well.

Source: New Lothrop Area Public Schools

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