Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is not only warning Michigan residents that counterfeit vaccine cards exist but she's also working with other states to put a stop to the dealers that are trying to distribute them.

You've got to be a real piece of garbage if you're out there trying to sell counterfeit vaccine cards. Not to mention the morons that are trying to buy them.

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According to MLive, Nessel signed onto an April 1 letter from attorneys general across the nation that was sent to Shopify, Twitter and eBay asking them to monitor for and remove ads or links selling blank or fraudulently completed vaccination cards.

Part of the letter read::

We are deeply concerned about this use of your platforms to spread false and misleading information regarding COVID vaccines. The false and deceptive marketing and sales of fake COVID vaccine cards threatens the health of our communities, slows progress in getting our residents protected from the virus, and are a violation of the laws of many states.

The reason people are making these fake cards is because of all the chatter lately about the possible need for a vaccine card to travel or to enter venues or stadiums. So instead of people just getting an actual shot, they'd rather fight the system with this crap.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel:

These cards look legitimate but are anything but. By selling these fake vaccine cards, bad actors are undermining public safety and prolonging this pandemic.


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