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One Michigan watering hole may have come up with a solution to the whole mask, no mask, show your vaccination card conundrum.

Sports Venue Bar & Grill in Garden City is asking patrons to voluntarily show their CDC vaccination card if they want to ditch the mask inside the bar. Anyone who is not vaccinated or unwilling to show proof of vaccination is required to wear a mask while not seated inside the establishment.

Garden City is located between Ann Arbor and Detroit.

Customers who do show proof of vaccination are given a wristband so staff can quickly identify patrons who are permitted to go without masks.

Owner Laurie Viviano says she instituted the policy because she anticipated that customers would want to go maskless if they've been vaccinated. She also noted that employees at the bar are still required to mask up, regardless of their vaccination history.

"We someone walking around, we obviously look at the wrist, and if they don't have a wristband on, we politely ask them to put their mask on, and if they choose not to do that, we don't serve them and they have to leave," Viviano tells Fox 2.

Those of us who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are now allowed to go without masks even when we're indoors, according to new guidelines issued last week by the CDC. (There are, of course, some exceptions and we have a list of businesses in Michigan that do and do not require masks here.)

Check out the video and customers' reactions here.


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