Lawmakers in Lansing are working on a bill that would prohibit the use of vaccine passports in the state of Michigan.

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The COVID-19 privacy act bill has been introduced by State Representative Sue Allor.

"My bill is simple. “NO” vaccine passports should be issued by state or local government in Michigan!" Allor wrote in a Facebook post.


What are the details?

House Bill #4667 has been signed by 14 lawmakers who support the measure. Allor, a Republican, says she has heard from many of her constituents who say that "vaccine passports would negatively impact their daily lives.’’

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There are exemptions.

It should be pointed out that the bill does not prohibit businesses in the state of Michigan from requiring proof of vaccinations. Employers would also be allowed to make hiring decisions based on potential employees' vaccination history.

Other states are already on board.

Allor says governors in Florida, Arizona, and Texas have already signed executive orders banning state their state governments and businesses within their states from requiring vaccination passports.

Neither the Biden administration nor Governor Gretchen Whitmer has announced any plans to introduce vaccine passports.

Allor says the bill would prevent "government overreach."

"I have heard from hundreds of constituents who are concerned about the erosion of their civil liberties and how vaccine passports would negatively impact their daily lives," she says in a Facebook post. "My bill ensures Michiganders will be protected from this type of government overreach."

There's more on the bill from WZZM in the video below.

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