Since the legalization of medical marijuana in some states, there's been a rise in pets mistakenly eating pot. Some have reportedly gotten sick from inhaling  the smoke. This has become some what of an issue lately. I often thought catnip was considered cat marijuana. What do I know.

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Animals are known to consume marijuana. A friend of mine had a parrot who liked to consume cured bud, as well as stems and seeds, and would actually seek out these mood-altering treats.

There's been an increase in marijuana use among dogs, cats, and other domestic pets, according to a report out of Washington. About 96 percent of cases involve dogs, while cats are busted munching marijuana only 3 percent of the time.

According to recent studies, serious, long-term health consequences from marijuana intoxication are essentially unheard of. So if Spot does snack on your bud at home, just do as any stoned human would,dim the lights, lower the volume on the stereo, and let your dog chill out.

I'm not a believer in getting your pet high. It's not something I would ever do to an animal. Some people feel different about that than I do, watch the video below.



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