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Talking Politics With Potheads
The November election is right around the corner. And with the marijuana industry making a push into politics, Jimmy Kimmel wanted to see if potheads payed enough attention to politics to make a positive impact. Here's what happened.
Governor Snyder Expected to Sign Multiple Bills into Law
Governor Snyder is expected to sign multiple bills into law today. A new emergency manger law, tougher restrictions on abortion and regulations on medical marijuana are among the stack that the Legislature sent to him before Christmas.
According to the Detroit News, the governor planned to sign some …
Marijuana Use On The Rise Among Dogs And Cats [VIDEO]
Since the legalization of medical marijuana in some states, there's been a rise in pets mistakenly eating pot. Some have reportedly gotten sick from inhaling  the smoke. This has become some what of an issue lately. I often thought catnip was considered cat marijuana. What do I know.
Get th…
Is Driving Stoned Safer than Driving Drunk?
Research indicates that traffic fatalities are on the decline in states like Michigan, where medical marijuana is legal.
Economists Daniel Rees of the University of Colorado Denver and Mark Anderson of Montana State University conducted the study, and found that fatalities are down an average of 9% i…

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