The panel meets today in Lansing to consider whether or not marijuana should be used to help subdue the effects of autism.

This comes about two months after Medical Marijuana Review Panel heard testimony about how the oil extracted from marijuana can help control severe physical behavior in children who have autism. Supporters include Dr. Harry Chugani, who is the chief of pediatric neurology at Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Medical marijuana can be used to treat the side effects of cancer, glaucoma, HIV and other conditions.

We're very lucky; our son is autistic, but he's high functioning. He doesn't have any real "sever" physical behaviors, but I know that it's very hard for children (and their parents) who are low functioning. The outbursts (or "meltdowns," as a lot of parents call them) can be devastating. I'm all in favor of this, and I'm also in favor of using it in children who have seizure disorders. What do you think?


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