It's great to write a story about stores opening instead of closing.

Five new businesses on Miller Road are about to officially open. One place where things are picking up, the long vacant Circuit City site. Three new businesses have opened there recently.They actually took the building that was Circuit City, divided that in two to make 'Ulta' and 'And That'. And then they actually built 8,000 more square feet for 'Five Below'.

The economic expansion means more convenience for shoppers. Not only do these stores offer a lot more variety for shoppers, they employ dozens of people.Just the three brand new stores employ 150-160 new employees.

The Miller Road boom continues with another business planning a construction project.

There is another new company coming in called the Mattress Firm. They're going to build a new building and they're getting ready to start.
ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI