A group of local sixth-graders want to ban drivers from using cell phones altogether when in the car.

MLive says ten students from St. John the Evangelist Catholic School appealed to the Fenton City Council this week to put tighter restrictions on cellphone use in cars. The students had worked on a study the majority of the year and then presented a ten-slide presentation to the council based on their finding and a survey of their own classmates.

Their survey found 92 percent of their classmates had seen their parents text or call while driving and 87 percent of the students thought their should be a ban on cell phone use while driving altogether.

Michigan currently has a ban on texting while driving, but police say it can be difficult to enforce. Studies also show that use of Bluetooth technology in cars can be just as distracting.

What are your thoughts on the banning of all cell phone use by drivers?

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