Growing up around Michigan some people had telephone options consisting of "party lines," then private numbers with rotary phones. Things got very "techy" when touch tone service was available. While landlines are long gone for a lot of folks, one thing has rarely changed: Our area codes. That's about to change for another chunk of Michigan's Lower Peninsula.

What's the new area code coming to Michigan?

  • It's weird because the new one doesn't have the iconic vibe of 313, 810, 517, 734, 616 or 906 (which is the entire Upper Peninsula). Those are the original or "OG" area codes in Michigan. The new one is 679... It doesn't really have a "ring" to it. Am I wrong?

Why do we feel some sense of pride in our Michigan area codes?

  • In the early 2000s Faygo had a simple, brilliant billboard campaign with area codes. It was your designated area code where a famous-flavor bottle of Faygo replacing the "1." Some even replaced the "i" in city names.

It doesn't get much more Michigan than that.

  • There was even a song with Detroit's iconic 313 area code featured. It's "Area Codes" by rapper Ludacris featuring the late Nate Dogg. (Don't watch the video if you're offended by raunchy song lyrics.)

Maybe that sense of pride is rooted in "we've been through a lot and we keep growing" in Michigan?

Which region will Michigan's new 679 area code cover?

  • According to a WDIV TV report, the new 679 will not replace anything. It's an overlay for 313. Basically, they need more numbers. All of our tablets, phones and some cars each have numbers for data & voice. And, believe it or not, some people still have/request landlines. (See all of Michigan's area code coverage map, here.)
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When does Michigan's new 679 area code go into service?

  • 679 won't be a thing until sometime in 2025. It's such a "big thing" there's even going to be a period for public comment, soon. (More on that, here.) If these three digits make it through... we won't be celebrating "6-7-9" day anytime soon. That combination is impossible with a calendar.

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