New studies have come out showing that certain voice command services in your phone are actively listening all day and collecting keywords to figure out what ads to send your way.

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Have you ever had a conversation with someone on the phone about a particular product, then all of a sudden you see that product all over your phone? How about just talking while in close proximity to friends and then you start seeing ads all over your phone? Well, you're not losing your mind, your phone is actually collecting data all day long.

Researchers at the Universities of California, Washington, and Northeastern this spring released a combined study that claims Amazon's Alexa is definitely listening and targeting you with ads.


"Amazon was reluctant to admit it, but once these researchers came forward, they had to," Steele said. "And these ads follow you around the web." Source: 

This is something I knew was gonna happen as voice command services got more popular and advanced. It only makes sense that your Amazon Alexa or iPhone Siri service is constantly collecting data on you. They say the device doesn't come on until you speak, but in order for that to happen, it needs to constantly listen, all day every day. Now whatever happens to that information that your device is collecting is the million-dollar question. One of those things is selling that information to third-party companies to help target you with ads. The other would 100% be government or military. I'm not trying to spark any conspiracy theories, I'm just saying putting a listening device in the home of every America is a powerful tool.

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