Their respectful gesture towards each other didn't go unnoticed.

Facebook user Josh Hawkins posted about being in Traverse City for an overnight on Tuesday. He went to Buffalo Wild Wings and saw 14 members of the Holland High School tennis team come in for a bite. And then, he said, the "unexpected happened." Here's his full post:

So I'm here in Traverse City for an overnight. Having dinner at BWWs and walk in 14 high schoolers from the Holland HS tennis team. Then the unexpected happened. One by one they stack all their cellphones together in the middle of the table. These young men are now having conversations with each other instead having their faces in their phones. I pulled the coach aside and commented on what I just witnessed. He said it is his captain's that make the team do it. I told him that is awesome that they do it. He replied, "I'm very lucky to have these guys as a team". While walking out I told the team on how much I respected them for doing what they did. The penalty for picking up a phone to look at during dinner time was that person had to pick up the tab that night.

People love to give the younger generations a hard time for being too immersed in technology (when, to be honest, I see a LOT of people over 50 buried in their phones, too), so let's share the hell out of this.

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