Messing With My Fiance Never Gets Old [PHOTO]
Relationships are for one thing and one thing only. Being able to mess your fiance on a daily basis. Most times I resort to name calling or just random pictures of stuff he doesn't like. But this time, I may have done it. I have to share with you my latest and greatest.
Happy 20th Birthday, Text Messaging!
Although it became a widely used form of communication only recently, texting is actually a decades-old technology. In fact, it celebrated its 20th birthday on Monday, which makes it older than most of the kids who use it. OMG!
A Senior’s Guide To Texting
Senior citizens are sometimes overcome with the age of technology. Phones have so many capabilities that they often need instructions on how to maximize their use. Now,  Team Coco has a guide for these seniors when it comes to texting. Show it to grandma and grandpa, and then get out of their w…

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