Less than one tenth of one percent of the U.S. population has ever finished a marathon (26.2 miles).  Less than 8 percent of that group has met the qualifying standards to compete in the Boston Marathon.  Here is a list of local people that are running the 2011 Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18th:

Mark Bauman of Flushing is first on the list.  The 61-year old owner of Bauman's Running & Walking shop is running his 42nd CONSECUTIVE Boston Marathon.  He's run them all since 1970.  Amazing!  Also running the race:

Leslie Braun of Grand Blanc

Jenny Bellsky of Frankenmuth

Don Brewer of Goodrich

Cathy Detman of Flint

Jayson Doggett of Fenton

Michelle Dvorak of Burton

Lee Fowler of Vassar

Susan L. Fox of Mayville

Larry Gutierrez of Flint

Anita Harless of Holly

Bill Hart of Birch Run

Sandra Haugh of Byron

Clayton Hubel of Flint

Bill Khan of Fenton

Jack Kohn of Fenton

Nick Koulchar of Flushing

David Kropp of North Branch

Riley McLincha of Clio

Gerald Myers of Flushing

Kyle Nelson of Swartz Creek

John Niven of Swartz Creek

Selina Paupert of Dryden

Jennifer Tiemann of Fenton

Richard Wallen of Flushing

Janet Wallen of Flushing

Boston Marathon runners leave Hopkinton

It's always a thrill to run Boston, I've been lucky enough to do it a few times and hope to do it again some day.  Good luck to all who are running this year!

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