This is the kind of stuff that should go viral - not the "like and share" memes and political garbage.

Bay City resident Shaun Marie, who works at a senior living facility, snapped an impromptu photo on Monday and posted it to Saginaw's Neighborhood Watch/News Facebook page, and it's getting a lot of attention.

It appears to be an employee of the Kroger in Saginaw named Walter, helping a customer to tie her shoe. It's not clear what her handicap is; she was riding an Amigo, so it's obviously hard for her to get around. The employee is on the ground, tying her shoe before she gets in her car in a handicap spot.

These kinds of pictures always hit a soft spot for me because my mom is handicapped. She's had Multiple Sclerosis since I was 7-years-old. She can still walk, but she needs a wheelchair to go to big places like the grocery store. I helped her for so many years, and now that I live 8 hours from home, I'd like to think that somebody would do this for her, too.

Feels better to be kind, doesn't it?

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