Pretty much the exact response we expected him to have.

On Monday, protestors from the National Action Network protested the music exhibition at the Detroit Historical Museum, asking for it to be shut down until Kid Rock stops using the Confederate flag during his shows. The exhibit is partially funded by Kid Rock.

Here's the original story we posted about it on Tuesday, complete with video ---->

Welp, in a surprise to nobody, Kid Rock had a pretty brash response to protestors, telling them to kiss his "a**."

The museum issued this statement about the Kid Rock Music Lab, one of their permanent exhibits: "The lab explores Detroit's rich musical legacy and the worldwide impact made by Detroiters in every genre of music, including pop, rock, gospel, blues, hip-hop, techno and more. Kid Rock's contribution to Detroit's music history is significant and warrants his inclusion along with other key figures like Stevie Wonder, Bob Seger, Aretha Franklin and Eminem. There are no displays of the Confederate flag in the Kid Rock Music Lab or anywhere else inside the Detroit Historical Museum."


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