Monday night brought both protest and support for Grand Blanc School Board member Amy Facchinello.

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A student led protest took place in front of Grand Blanc High School Monday evening to protest the school board member after concerns were raised regarding her support of QAnon, a far-right leaning political movement with unfounded claims.

The protest, which drew about 100 people made up of students and community believes  Facchinello follows the QAnon conspiracy based on items he found on the board members social media account. Hartwell told Mid-Michigan NOW he became concerned when he found multiple posts in 2020 related to QAnon on a Twitter account he believes belongs to  Facchinello's.

"This is not about silencing her views," Lucas Hartwell told Mid -Michigan NOW. "This is not a Republican issue. This is Democrat issue. This is not a third-party issue. This is looking at the fact that we have a conspiracist on the school board and look at the fact that this is dangerous."

Facchinello, who took office in January, was actually at the protest supported by a group of counter-protesters. Those in support of the board member say they’re against what’s been dubbed “cancel culture" according to ABC-12.

Facchinello, who considers herself a Trump supporter, admitted to retweeting the QAnon hashtag “where we go one, we go all” but says it doesn’t make her a QAnon conspiracy theorist. She commented, 

"They just want to cancel Trump supporters. That's what I think it is. What they're doing is they're calling us all QAnon conspiracy theories if we disagree with their views."

Although Hartwell says he is planning  to file a recall petition in 2022 if Facchinello does not step down, Facchinello has given no indication she plans to leave her position with the board.


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