It's a $10,000 job that's being done for free for the city of Grand Rapids out of the goodness of one company's heart.

The city saw two riots downtown on May 30th and May 31st that resulted in more than $2 million in damage to structures and city departments. Assessments put the structural damage at approximately $748,000, city-building damage at $48,000, and an Ionia county building's sprinkler system damage at $300,000.

And a local company called Superior Asphalt decided to offer their services at no charge; they laid down more than $10,000 in free asphalt.

The CEO, Jeff Kresnak, told WOOD-TV that he felt that taxpayers should not be responsible for the damage, saying that it's just one way that they can give back to the community.

And, while the downtown authority had allocated more than $200,000 for repairs, it simply wasn't enough. So, Superior Asphalt received permission from the city to tear up and repave several downtown streets at no cost.

The CEO and most of their employees were born and raised in GR; it's also where the company started. So, they felt as though they had an obligation to give back.

Let's mark the day and time, because I have never, in my 41 years of life, heard of a construction company offering up a bid to a city FOR FREE. Out of the goodness of their hearts. That's an amazing thing to do. Big kudos to Superior Asphalt and all of the people who came together on their day off to donate their time to the city of Grand Rapids.

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