Almost a dozen members of the Michigan Chapter of the National Action Network stood in front of a Detroit museum yesterday afternoon and asked for Kid Rock to renounce the Confederate flag. The Rev. Charles Williams II, who serves as president of the Michigan Chapter of the NAN and also a pastor at Detroit's King Solomon Baptist Church, asked for museum officials to take his name off the exhibit (which he funded) if he doesn't renounce the Confederate flag. The exhibit itself features 100 years of Detroit music.

Sam Riddle, the political director of the NAN, said, "How in the hell can Kid Rock represent Detroit and wave that flag just generating millions and millions in ticket sales, a flag that represents genocide to most of Detroit?"

Rock's people have not issued a statement, however, fans who have attended his concerts this summer have said that the flag was not used.

I've seen the meme online about how everybody is offended by everything nowadays. Do you think this has gone too far?


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