There's a new reality show on the horizon and it's about flipping houses in Flint. What a time to be alive, right?

'Just Renting' makes its debut on the Heartland Network at 8:30 pm on August 25th.

"It's kinda like playing Monopoly when you pick up properties," the show's director and producer Jack Galvin says. I could literally walk down the street and probably not see anything that I didn't want to buy."

The project began a couple of years ago when Galvin was purchasing properties for Nationwide Property Owners.

Mlive reports that Galvin has bought about 100 properties in various parts of the area, like the Cultural Center, Mott Park and areas around the city.

'Just Renting' is billed as an entertaining program that shines a positive light on the people of Flint and their resilience. The show is also produced with a satirical sense of humor.

Watch the trailer below.




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