"When you gotta go, you gotta go."

I don't know about you; personally, I'm really enjoying working from home and I am NOT missing the hustle-and-bustle of crazy daily life. However, the ONE THING that I am missing is going to the movies. I'm a self-proclaimed movie junkie; I even wrote a screenplay for Twister 2 when I was a kid (yes, there's a reason that I was bullied mercilessly), so NOT being able to go to the movies right now is really the only thing that I genuinely miss doing.

On the bright side, drive-in theaters have seen a resurgence during the pandemic. In fact, last month, US-23 played host to Grand Blanc high school's graduation ceremony. And a drive-in theatre in Dearborn, Michigan was actually the highest-grossing theater in the country at the end of June.

If you're like me and you're jonesin' for a movie, check out US-23 tomorrow on Fenton Road in Flint. They're showing Jurassic Park AND Jaws back-to-back tomorrow, and they're bringing in the Jurassic Park Motor Pool.

According to their Facebook page, the goal of the motor pool is "to bring together the multitude of vehicle owners, owners to be, and enthusiasts who just love the Jeeps, Explorers, Mercedes, and more from the Jurassic Park films. Our secondary objective is to bring together Jurassic fans, anywhere from watching movies or sharing cosplay and prop ideas."

If you want your pictures taken with the vehicles, you MUST have a ticket to the show. Jurassic Park starts at 9:30 PM tomorrow night.

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