Pics Of Your Pets!
Yesterday was National Pet Day, and we thank you for sharing all of your adorable pictures with us!
”Our Dogs” Pictures From Yesterday & Today
Seeing some of these photos makes me wish I had taken a picture of many of my dogs when I first got them and then re-created the picture a decade later. I've had so many dogs in my life that I could fill a library with pictures like this. At one time I had three golden retrievers that I raised from …
Support for Prince Harry Continues to Grow
The Naked Price Harry story continues. There is a storm brewing in his support after the naked pictures from "strip pool" in Las Vegas. Whatever happened to the phrase, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?"
Tips To Help Fireworks Pictures
If you are planning on taking any pictures of the fireworks this 4th of July weekend, here are some hints to help make your pictures the best they can be. Be sure to use a tripod, this will help keep the camera still so you don't get a blur. You should also be using a slow shutter speed, probab…

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