It's fine. We're all taking some pics and video. But don't spend an hour trying to upload it and then get mad when you can't.

Let's start with this: I'm a huuuuuge Paul McCartney fan, and I've seen him more times than I care to admit. So I understand that you want to preserve a moment with a legend. But I also would hate for you to MISS that moment in the process of trying to capture it.

Screenshot via Facebook
Screenshot via Facebook


My news feed is jammed with pics and videos from different concerts, one of them being Paul McCartney at Lambeau Field this past weekend. People were complaining that they weren't able to upload pics and video AT the show, and that they had to wait until they got home.

Mind you, there were tens of thousands of people using ONE cell tower during the show; that alone is going to bog down your uploads. Some of my friends were even spouting conspiracy theories as to whether or not Paul's people blocked cell service. *groan*

Look - we're past the point of "put your phone down and watch the show." It's fine, and if artists are that committed to it, they'll take your phone before you enter the venue (aka Prince and Chris Rock).

Plus, we have a whole new generation of concert-goers who have grown up with their phones in hand. There WILL BE NO CONVINCING THEM not to use their mobile devices at shows.

Reference point: my millennial friend Jeff (RIP) was literally twitching at the Chris Rock show without his phone.

So, with that out there, of course it's fine for you to take a video of a show, especially if it's a legend like Paul McCartney. Here's a thought, though - after you take video and pics, put the phone away. There will be plenty of time after the show, stuck in traffic or sitting on your couch, to upload those videos.

If you do that, you get to enjoy the concert without watching the status bar barely move.

It's tough because you're not able to brag in real time about where you are and what you're doing, but I'd hate for you to miss When I Saw Her Standing There because your instagram cancels your upload.


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