Last night was one for the history books for Grand Blanc High School graduates.

To say that it's been a tough year for EVERYBODY is an understatement - weddings, trips, funerals, and almost every event on the planet, including the Olympics, have been postponed or canceled altogether.

The class of 2020, whether they're high school or college students, has gotten short-changed, too. We all worked hard for years to walk across that stage in our cap and gown, flip the tassel and hold up our diploma for a photo, and these graduates are not going to get to do that. I can't even imagine what they must be feeling.

Nothing can make up for those missed commencements, but there are alternatives - one of them being at the drive-in theatre.

Staff at Grand Blanc High School worked for months to put together a Class of 2020 video that highlights each graduate individually, and the actual ceremony where it was shown took place last night at the US-23 Drive-In Theatre on Fenton Road in Flint.

Big thanks to all the parents and students who shared their photos with us from last night - it's something that they'll never forget and show to their kids someday.

Grand Blanc High School Graduation at the US-23 Drive-In

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