I'll take, "What is something I didn't expect to hear in 2020?" for $200, Alex.

Let's be honest - this year has been full of the oddest news in our history. A global pandemic, murder hornets, dust storms, and now, the return of the drive-in theatre.

In fact, Jurassic Park and Jaws are currently fighting it out for the #1 movie in the country.

Drive-in theatres are seeing a surge in business because they're the ONLY theatres that are allowed to be open during COVID-19.

The Ford Wyoming Drive-In Theatre in Dearborn isn't new to the game - they've been around for 70 years. And, according to Deadline.com, they're the highest grossing theatre in the United States this week with over $127,300 in earnings.

The top five theatres were all drive-ins; a theatre in Canada, two in California, and one in Ohio rounded out the top earners.

Ford Wyoming opened their gates on May 28th...and then were told to close after the extension of the governor's order. They reopened on June 3rd, They're requiring masks when patrons use the restroom and concession stands; they do have masks for sale.

Currently, they're allowing half-capacity, which is normally 1,700 cars - one car for every other speaker pole. And the speaker poles are not in use right now, either - patrons are encouraged to use their car radios or portables.

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Michiganders, we should be proud of this. We're adapting, and that's a good thing. We're also adapting WITH social distancing; you CAN go to a movie safely, you just have to do it at drive-in right now.

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