Last week, rumor had it that Joel Feick could be returning to local TV and we found out it's true as Joel started with NBC-25 this morning. He's joining the morning team from 5-7am  and he's excited to be back on the air after being away for six months. Rod and I talked to him this morning about the day he was let go and he said he was completely surprised:

"I worked at ABC-12 for 27 years and I was surprised. They let go of my boss on a Saturday. The following Wednesday they called me and told me to come in on my day off because the General Manager wanted to see me. I knew right then what was going to happen. I went up to the GM's office and they let me go. I wished him luck and didn't want to be bitter."

Joel believes he was let go because of financial reasons and said his previous station was losing money. He had several discussions with NBC-25 about a variety of positions at the station and in the end they asked him about doing mornings and he was just ready to come back to work in any capacity.

Joel said they're going to have a fun morning show and he's very thankful for all the support he has received over the last six months. You can listen to the full interview below if you missed it this morning.

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