Cue up Bing Crosby's White Christmas for this one. Are you one of those that is dreaming of a White Christmas? Or at least just for Christmas day?

Before we get to the “yes” or “no", keep in mind the definition of a White Christmas means that we have at least  one inch of snowfall on the ground. The dusting just won’t cut it.

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I checked out the unofficial experts on the subject, the website to check out our chances.  I plugged in Grand Blanc, Michigan, and it looks like as of today we have a 25% chance of a White Christmas. Knowing this isn't exactly the foremost authority on the weather I decided to turn to a real expert.

I reached out to the man himself, Mid-Michigan Now's Meteorologist Ahmad Bajjey.  As if he hasn't been asked a million times already, I posed the question of will we see the white stuff on Christmas this year.

According to Bajjey, who reiterated the a least 1" on the ground to qualify for a White Christmas rule, the odds are somewhat in our favor. He told us,

“Michigan as a whole has areas that vary from almost guaranteed to have a white Christmas, to areas where the odds fall below half the time. Mid-Michigan has about a 50-75% chance of a white Christmas depending on where you are. Genesee county for instance has a white Christmas about 50 to 60% of the time, while Saginaw county has about a 75% chance. That area is more likely to see some lake-effect which adds to the possibility. This December looks to be warmer than usual, so any snowfall we get likely would not stay on the ground long. Our best hope is for a clipper close to Christmas to have a chance this year for snow as Santa comes to town.”

Photo: courtesy of Ahmad Bajjey
Photo: courtesy of Ahmad Bajjey

So there you have it. Snow lovers may not be happy to see that the odds aren't 100% for the area having a White Christmas for 2020.  I myself would love to see that picture perfect, right out of a Hallmark movie scene on the 25th. After the crazy 9 months we have been through, it would be really nice to get a little bit of Christmas magic this year.

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