Go ahead, get all of your poop jokes in right now. Done? Okay good, let's get on with it.

We were sitting at Maple and Saginaw to watch the Back to the Bricks rolling cruise last night around 6 PM when we smelled something...different. And it definitely wasn't the exhaust from all the classic cars.

It was manure.

We used to live in Central Wisconsin, where this smell wasn't unexpected. However, since we've moved to the Flint area, it's definitely not the norm.

We then went to pick up a prescription from Walmart and smelled it in the parking lot. When we got home, our son took the dog for a walk and said, "Why does it smell like doody out here?"

So many people smelled it, in fact, that NBC 25/FOX 66 was contacted. They reached out to Consumers Energy, who said that there was a gas leak in Saginaw but it had been taken care of by 7 PM.

In short, as of right now, the manure smell goes unidentified.

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