Here's something you already knew. Michigan roads suck. And now we have confirmation that they suck more than the roads in any other state. But you already knew that too.

Lv15 -- which creates HD maps for self-driving cars -- recently analyzed five million miles of US roads and determined the best roads in the country are in Florida. Michigan ranked dead last.

In short, the company uses dashcam video captured with an iPhone app known as Payver. Drivers throughout the US capture road conditions as they drive and the footage is uploaded. Lv15 uses a computer vision algorithm to translate the footage into maps in order to determine road quality and pinpoint areas where problems exist.

The company determines road quality based on four areas:

  • Road paint fading
  • Pavement cracking
  • Potholes
  • Surface flatness

However, the company was unable to find a correlation between better roads and higher gasoline taxes and the amount of money spent on road construction.

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