Midland County Michigan has a population just over 80,000 people. Some of the flavors crafted at their eateries taste like a celebrity chef is in the back.

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Where are the best places to eat around Midland County, MI?

  • Midland County has a few hidden gems. We'll highlight those in the more rural areas and the must-try spots within the city of Midland, too. Some of these places are new(er) while others have been around for generations. One of the highlights is a newer authentic taco shop in Sanford. People rave about the homemade flavors and how there isn't a single "tex-mex" hybrid in the place.

How were these Midland County, MI restaurants chosen?

  • Location, longevity, newcomers and passionate reviews are the starting point. There's good food all over Midland County, of course. These spots had consistently strong reviews on Google and other sites.
  • Creativity on the menu is also a reason to feature some places. From 'farm to table' to smokey BBQ flavors and legendary comfort foods served at long-time watering holes, too.
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Before you head out to eat, keep this in mind.

  • Check the menu ahead of time (food allergies? are you interested in the flavors offered?)
  • Take people with you that always say, "there's nothing to do." Those are the ones to break out of their shell.
  • And, when you find a dish or a place you absolutely love... tell everyone.

Cheers. Enjoy the experience.

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